Avantech Companies

Avantech companies focus on two sectors; the manufacture of automated testing systems and field testing services.

  • Reliant NDT is a manufacturer of ultrasonic and electro-magnetic non-destructive testing equipment for the OCTG industry, plate manufacturers and aerospace composite manufacturers.

    In addition to systems manufacturing, Reliant NDT offers in-field testing to users of tubular products and manufactured components.  Reliant’s consulting services provide training and ASNT certification, in addition to ASNT Level III services and NDT equipment calibration and certification.

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  • Lone Star Services specializes in the on-site testing and repair of tubulars used in oil and gas drilling.

    The services of Lone Star Services are used extensively in drilling operations throughout North America.  Drill pipe, bottom hole assemblies and mud motors are tested in a highly efficient manner to increase client productivity and decrease downtime.  After inspection, clients are provided full inspection reports and access to a central database to track all reports and history of pipe measurement from one drilling operation to another.

    Lone Star Services' trucks are equipped with all the required testing and reporting equipment.  Our trucks are also equipped to perform various repairs on site should they be required.

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Provider of non-destructive testing ("NDT").

Lone Star Services is a leading drill pipe, casing, BHA and mud motor inspection service provider specializing in high stress areas including connections, slip areas, upset areas, weld areas, radius changes, and tubes.

"We welcome the partnership of Lone Star Services and building upon their strong reputation in drill pipe and bottom-hole assembly inspection."
Provider of non-destructive testing ("NDT") services and equipment to most major industries.

Reliant NDT offers an extensive array of non-destructive testing equipment, testing services, and consultation.  Our products are custom designed to meet the needs of many industries including oil and gas and aerospace.

"We are thrilled to partner with the team at Reliant.  With their leadership and expertise, they are a market leader in the NDT services industry."